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GARNETS & GOLD & HAIR = PURE VICTORIAN ( Victorian Mourning Jewelry Garnet Brooch ): With one brooch you can have it all! This is a stunningly ornate English Victorian brooch which tests 18KT gold. The front has faceted golden ovals surrounded with bright cut engraved decoration. The center has 7 rhodolite garnets (a more purple hue) which were typically used in Victorian jewelry of this period, c. 1880. The back of the brooch contains a hair locket with the braided hair still in place. Many of these pieces have had the hair removed, so it is especially nice to find an intact piece. The C clasp and pin hinge are original, the pin stem may be a replacement. Condition: Excellent. A few tiny spots of wear on the gold. All of the table cut garnets are original. Size: 1 1/2 in diameter.


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