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THE BROKEN COLUMN ( Antique Victorian Enamel Mourning Jewelry Locket with Hairwork ): From my personal collection, this “book piece” is one of my last examples of enamel lockets as pictured in Maureen DeLorme's informative book “Mourning Art and Jewelry”, pages 95 and 96. (A copy of the book is listed for sale on our site as MJ166.) This is a lovely English “In Memory Of” pendant/locket. (c. 1860-80) Lockets such as these typically feature death/mourning motifs – urns, garlands, crosses, etc. - on the outside. The scene of the front of this oval 9 KT gold mourning locket depicts, in black and white enamel, a broken column girded by Forget-Me-Nots circling the column and two Morning Glories at its base. Very popular with both Georgian and Victorian mourners, the broken column indicates an early death; life cut short too soon. The Morning Glories signify farewell, brevity of life as symbolized by the flowers opening and closing within one day, departure and mortality. Add to this the swag of Forget-Me-Nots denoting remembrance and you have the complete picture so touchingly personified by the inclusion of the double hair curls and hand tinted photo of a woman dressed in mourning attire. (Both under celluloid covers.) Often compartments of such lockets are found to be empty – it is rare to find the original hair and photo. The front edge and the entire back are covered with finely engraved decorations and the picture on the cover is decorated with superb quality black and white vitreous enamel. A touching tribute to a beloved loss.

Condition: Excellent. Closes firmly and original O ring bale still attached. (Chain not included.)
Size: 1 1/2” high, 1 1/8” wide, 1/4” deep.

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