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ANGEL OF GRIEF ( Resin Mourning Angel Statuette ): This beautifully molded Angel of Grief draped over a tombstone in inspired by the 1894 original located in a Protestant cemetery in Rome. It was made be the American poet and sculptor, William Wetmore Story, in homage to his beloved wife, Emelyn. Both are now buried under it. The Angel of Grief, has been replicated near the Stanford Mausoleum at Stanford University. One of Story's other famous works, Cleopatra, (1858) was described and admired in Nathaniel Hawthorne's romance, The Marble Faun, and is on display at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond. From the angel's dainty fingers to the delicate wings to the tendrils of hair at the nape of her neck down to the folds of her gown – it is a work of art. The raised lettering is a reminder to celebrate life:

The bud was spread
To show the rose.
Our Saviour smiled
The bud was closed.

We found it makes a lovely small monument to a beloved pet who has passed on (see photo). It could also be used similarly for any loved one or used as a display piece with you Mourning Collection.

Condition: Excellent. Felt cover on bottom.
Size: 7 1/2” high, 7 1/2” long, 3 1/2” wide.

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