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GOLDEN MEMORY ( Antique Georgian Mourning Jewelry Hair Pendant ): As Anne Forster looks down from Heaven she is undoubtedly very pleased that someone cared enough to have this gorgeous pendant made to honor and remember her by some 180 years ago. (c. 1833) I have a tear in my eye as I hold her memento and wonder what she was like. I would guess she was very beautiful like this pendant. Set in 15KT gold the front has a glass enclosed compartment containing her deep brown braided hair surrounded by black enamel “IN MEMORY OF” and framed by a setting containing entwined plain and chased gold roping. It hangs from a nice sized decoratively chased gold bale. The back contains a central disc engraved with “Anne Forster obt. 21 Oct. 1833 at 60.” surrounded by an intricately engraved wave pattern gold ring. I hope you will examine her hair with a loop. It is unusually beautiful – a deep rich brown with multiple reddish-brown strands and just a few silver strands. The pendant can be worn with the hair on the front or the back. Anne would be very happy if one of you caring collectors would continue to love and cherish her.

Condition: Excellent. (Neck chain not included)
Size: 1 1/8” in diameter, 3/8” deep. Hangs 1 1/2” including bale.

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