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MINIATURE MASTERPIECE ( Victorian Antique French Scenic Hair Pendant / Brooch ): In researching to describe the double sided hair Love Token memento (c 1840) I thumbed through Maureen DeLorme's “Mourning Art & Jewelry” for inspiration. You can imagine my amazement when on page 150 I came across a larger version, set in a photographic plate holder, of this exact scene with only minor differences. Since some of my pieces are featured in her book, with thanks to Maureen, I am going to share much of her description. The artist employs a variety of palette-worked method of cut-work, dissolved hair-work, etc., to create an intricate cemetery scene unbelievably full of memorial symbolism. The rays of the sunshine, made of golden hair, convey a happiness not normally seen in memorial art and the entire tableau exudes a joyful aura – in spite of its subject matter. The central tombstone is garlanded and two lovebirds are building a nest on the top, the male bringing the nesting female a twig in his beak, symbolic of domestic life, not death. The butterfly carries his soul to heaven. The shield leaning against the tombstone bears two flaming hearts – symbolic of marital love and passion. There are two torches, one burning with the smoke headed to heaven, the other holding three of Cupid's arrows. A faithful dog, symbolic of loyalty, reclines a the base looking up at the large oak tree representing victory and strength – no doubt attributes of his deceased master. A cypress tree and three dimensional Forget-Me-Nots complete this fabulous scene. The reverse bears two lovely plumes of his hair decorated with flowers, pearls and gold wire. Both sides are set on ivory plaques. They are in a fancy engraved gold plate setting with an old (Victorian) replacement C clasp closure and a ring/bale at the top. This is undoubtedly a Love Token worn by the wife of her gone, but not forgotten, beloved husband. Don't miss this truly magnificent double Miniature Masterpiece!

Condition: Excellent. Top part of gold wire at 7:00 on back is loose. All hair remains firmly attached. (Chain not included.)
Size: 2 1/2” high, 2” wide, 3/8” deep.

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