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ESSENCE OF SORROW ( Georgian Sepia Painted Mourning Jewelry Ring ):

“Ye weep and it is well! For tears befit earth's parting.”

This Georgian Ring is special not only because it is over 200 years old (c. 1790-1810), but also because it memorializes death so movingly. Bands of black and white enamel, along with their fancy gold edging and the gold dots in the black, set off this poignant sepia painting of a classically dressed woman grieving beside a tomb supporting an urn and bearing the initials “SM”. The two dark shapes above the urn are no doubt birds and the branches of a weeping willow tree droop sorrowfully overhead. A special feature is the “grass” at the bottom made from the hair of the deceased. The painting has a glass cover. This ring is 14KT Rose Gold. With simple gold shoulders and a narrow band, it slides on your finger and is very comfortable to wear. Ring size 8. It appears to have had a carat marking on the band but it is no longer legible, possibly due to sizing.

“But O God it must not be
Keep him, keep him, still from me
Till Thou will take me up to Thee
To dwell with him Eternally.”

Help carry this sweet memory from the far past forward in time.

Condition: Excellent. Light scratches on glass. Some of the background has darkened.
Size: Ring size 8 (can be sized). Face 1” high, 5/8” wide.


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