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PRETTY PINWHEELS ( Victorian Mourning / Sentimental Jewelry Hair Bracelet & Earrings Set ): This style of hair jewelry is called “Pinwheels”. (c. 1850-70) The pinwheels consist of inset table worked hair fit in a gold setting with eight crescents around the edge. The pinwheel appearance is obtained by placing eight curved twisted gold wires extending from a gold domed cap in the center to and across the crescents of the base. There are two golden orbs linking each of the pinwheels to form the bracelet. The bracelet has a secure V spring clasp. The pierced earrings dangle and swing freely from gold posts (replacements) with a golden orb in the front. This Antique Hair Bracelet and Earrings Set is so lovely and decorative that I feel certain it is a sentimental piece – with hair from a loved one or dear friend – as opposed to a mourning piece. The rose gold (14KT) setting of each pinwheel of the bracelet is smooth and curved, making it very comfortable to wear. It is rare to see a bracelet and earrings set still intact. (Often they are sold separately.) Your friends will look twice when they see you wearing this strikingly beautiful set!

Condition: Very good. There is shrinkage of the hair away from the edge in several of the crescents – not visible without close inspection. You can safely wear this set since the hair is protected by the gold pinwheel wires over it.
Size: Medium. Bracelet 7” long. Each pinwheel 7/8” high, 3/4” wide, 1/4” deep at dome of the gold cap. Earring pinwheels same size, dangle 1 1/4” long.

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