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IN MEMORY OF DEAR FANNY ( Victorian Mourning Jewelry Hair Brooch / Pin ): I am particularly moved by the Antique Mourning Jewelry in my collection bearing inscriptions. This stunning “In Memory Of” Brooch has it all. The front is decorated with a large central bezel set bull's eye agate surrounded by six realistic golden ivy leaves extending from their entwined gold stems. Ivy represents undying affection and eternal live. The leaves are completely 3-dimensional. There is a black enamel wide band surrounding the leaves with gold edges and eleven gold ovals with gold letters spelling “IN MEMORY OF” in ten and a star-like symbol in the eleventh. The letters are in beautiful calligraphic style. The reverse side is decorated with Fanny's hair on an opalescent milk glass base and a glass cover. The hair forms a large curled plum with three seed pearls at the base. Below the wave is a broken branch with multiple leaves and a flower in the center. This is surrounded by a wide band of gold (10KT tested) inscribed with: “Dear Fanny Died” across the top and “Feb. 7th, 1864 Aged 28 yrs.” across the bottom. It has a C clasp and intact safety chain. Someone loved Fanny very deeply to have engaged a hair work artist to create such a lovely, touching customized memorial brooch.

Condition: Front – Excellent. Back – Good. The inscription is perfect. There is a small crack in the glass at 12:00 and “antique” dust inside. A length of gold wire has shifted and moved upward. (It actually looks better than the photos suggest.)
Size: 1 3/4” wide, 1 1/8” high, 5/8” deep including agate.

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