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ANCHORS AWAY ( Victorian Mourning Jewelry Hair Pendant ): The Anchor was the Victorian symbol for “Hope” - part of the “Faith, Hope & Charity (Love)” trio. Great Britain, as the largest and most powerful sea power of the era in which this was made (c. 1860-80), had hundreds of thousands of sailors sailing round the world and often gone for months, if not years. Sailor's wives were left at home with only “Hope” that their man was safe and alive. This small Antique Anchor Pendant with gold flukes, cap and woven gold “rope” is no doubt decorated with the woven hair of her sailor. She wore it on a small chain around her neck so it stayed near her heart. Hopefully it remained a “Sentimental” token of Hope, as opposed to a “Mourning” token.

PLEASE NOTE: Our “Specials” are for U.S.A. collectors only unless purchased along with another piece by an International collector.

Condition: Excellent. The anchor is attached with pins to a loop of gold wire allowing the anchor to swing freely. The spring ring is a replacement. The light wear on the flukes and the hair on the back of the anchor indicate the anchor was worn and loved. (Chain not included.)
Size: Small. Total height 1 3/8”. Anchor 7/8” high, 3/4” wide, 1/4” deep.

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