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TOUCHSTONE FROM THE PAST ( Victorian Mourning Jewelry Hair Ring ): I seldom purchase rings, but this one is so unusual that I had to share it with you. Tokens of hair were intimate and personal. “If I should from this world depart / You could still remember me.” I think of this rare diamond shaped ring as a widow's diamond; a real diamond for life, a diamond shape filled with light gray and dark gray hair for death. The basket woven hair is under a glass cover death - most likely from a spouse or dear elderly family member. This dainty 15KT gold ring is petite and discrete. The hair is set in a raised diamond shape decorated on all four sides with very delicately rendered engraving. The band is also engraved with exquisite designs that taper around the finger. The inside of the band is hallmarked “AA” and “15C”. The current ring size is 8 ¾. (Easily made smaller) My guess, based on the small size, is that this token is early Victorian – 1830-40. Simple in design, this dainty, feminine Antique Mourning Ring has been lovingly worn. It is a tangible touchstone from the past – an age where grief and remembrance were an integral part of life.

Condition: Excellent. A few light scratches on glass cover.
Size: Ring size is 8 ¾. Diamond shape is 5/8” high, 3/8” wide, 1/8” deep. Ring band tapers from 5/16” at sides of diamond to 1/8” in back.

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