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FROZEN IN THE PAST SHE GAZES ( Victorian Mourning Jewelry Swivel Brooch with Original Photos ): I am not in the habit of buying portrait photos, but this gold plated swivel brooch called to me. (c. 1870-90) The expression on the young girl's face is that of an old soul trapped in a child's body. What has happened to her? The child on the other side of the swivel seems to hide mysteries also. I believe that it is a boy, but at that age it is hard to tell. It may be a girl who has had her hair shorn due to some illness. Children lost in the past, but still able to intrigue us. The framework is a tubular oval with stamp work ribbon motif – one at each compass point. The portraits are surrounded with unbroken links of a chain. Both children are covered with glass. The original extended pin stem and C clasp are in place. I can not tell if these are mourning portraits of a fond mother's brooch or a sentimental brooch carried off to war as a remembrance by their father. A very nice piece for a Civil War reenactor perhaps the girl calls to you as well. “Remember me when gone away then I'll remember you.” Who will give these little children a forever home?

Condition: Excellent. A few scratches on the glass covers.
Size: 1 1/2” high, 1 3/8” wide, 3/8” deep. Portraits are 1” high.

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