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LOVES SYMBOLIC SERPENT ( Victorian Mourning Jewelry Hair Snake Brooch / Pin ): The serpent is probably the best known and most successful motif drawn from the animal world. Beloved by Queen Victoria, the snake symbolized love, eternity, rebirth, immortality and wisdom. (And you thought it was just a slimy reptile!) Prince Albert designed Queen Victoria's betrothal ring in the form of a snake with its tail in its mouth, symbolic of everlasting love. This dainty table-worked brown hair looped snake is unusually delicate – probably made as a sentimental gift. (c. 1840-70) There is a tiny etched heart dangling from the serpent’s mouth – at its center a tiny natural pearl. His head is also set with a larger natural pearl. The head, tail and heart all and all findings are 18KT gold. The snake is made easy to handle because of the gold wire that backs the hair and keeps the snake in its desired form (very unusual). There is a C clasp and extended pin stem – all original. The backing is marked 18KT followed by a hallmark “GM” and what looks like 3 crowns on a shamrock shaped background. This is a trophy awaiting some lucky collector.

Condition: Excellent. Please handle it by the gold wires to prevent damage.
Size: Dainty. 1 1/2” wide, 1 1/4” high, 1/8” deep. Gold snake head with heart drop 1”.

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