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BOWS & LOOPS ( Victorian Mourning Jewelry Hair Brooch / Pin ): You will see lots of hair work bows, but this one is quite unusual. (c. 1860-80) It may have been a sentimental brooch of remembrance or a mourning piece. It has a certain playfulness that says to me “sentimental” sharing. This is a brown table-worked double loop bow with lots of extra loops. It is also possibly a homemade piece – a hobby common in many homes. Handwork was an acceptable way for Victorian ladies to pass their time. Thus beaded flowers, shell ornaments, pressed flowers, miniature gardens under glass, scrapbooks and needle work were among their more common hobbies. What makes me think this almost square “bow” may have been homemade is the steel clasp seen on the the back with the extended pin stem and C clasp. The back plate is unusually small and the pin unusually long for the clasp. A professional more commonly used gold or silver and would use a more conventional clasp size. However, only a very skilled woman could have worked a pattern as complex as this one. Notice how plump the loops are – yet it is all worked in a small space. A true pledge of enduring remembrance that calls from the past.

Condition: Excellent. Be careful putting it on. The hair is unusually solid, but the pin back is small.
Size: 1 7/8" wide, 1 1/4” high, 1/2” deep.

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