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A CHARMING MYSTERY ( Victorian Mourning Jewelry and Watch Pin ): The tradition of giving heart shaped initial charms was a long one. We know that this one was a mourning gift because of the script initials “W B, Feb. 15÷91” engraved on the back of the heart. The cut out initials on the front appear to by “Cn”. These tiny tokens would have been worn on bracelets or just kept as a remembrance of a loved one. There is hair behind the cut out initial motif. I have hung this tiny heart from an antique watch holder. If you examine the large hook on the back you will observe that these popular “watch pins” were very versatile and could serve to hold a watch, a locket or medallion from its hook. This Art Nouveau style pin is marked “SIMMONS” for Robert Fitz Simmons, Attleboro, MA – a company that produced pieces from 1875-1950. The heart and the pin match up very well, though made some years apart. The heart is 9KT rose gold and the ping is gold filled. There is an early safety clasp closure. Just press pin stem against guard to close it. Use fingernail on small guard knobs to open it. An attractive pair now sold together. You are bound to be asked about this pin. Make it a family member. Who will know? And WB will have found a home!

Condition: Very good. Some fraying of hair at the top of the heart, but will not be noticed by the naked eye.
Size: Pin with heart 1 5/5” long, 1” wide. Heart is 1/8” deep.

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