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FAMILY CIRCLE ( Victorian Mourning & Sentimental Floral Hair Wreath ): Beautiful, as well as a wonderful example of Americana, this hand made wreath is formed completely of human hair. (c. 1860-80) Hair art was common throughout the United States, England and Europe. These ornate wreaths were made using the hair of family members. They were usually displayed in a shadow box and were designed as sentimental tokens of remembrance though they are often associated with mourning. When placed in a shadow box the back of the frame frequently listed the family members represented and was signed by the maker. The complexity of these flowers and their arrangement bespeaks the talent of the designer. Almost all colors of hair are included in the cornucopia of floral tributes. Lilies, roses, daisies, tiny mums, flower buds and fern leaves produce a lace-like effect. Tiny glass beads are used as an accent – usually representing the stamens or filaments at the center of the flowers. Just imagine the craftsmanship and the amount of time invested in this wreath! But hair lived on as a remembrance for all eternity, so loving hands were happily occupied in the creation of a tribute to living and deceased family members. I have enjoyed it as a part of my personal collection for over 45 years, worn occasionally as a wreath in my hair as an ornament for special occasions. Now it will be passed on to a new owner to treasure and admire. Simply beautiful!

Condition: Very good. A few of the flowers have loose hair.
Size: Outer diameter of circle of flowers roughly 10”.


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