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A PLAYFUL PLEDGE OF FRIENDSHIP ( Victorian Mourning / Sentimental Jewelry Pin / Brooch ): Perhaps the most accessible of keepsakes in the mid to late 19th Century were pieces of “jewelry of sentiment”. Some were love tokens, some memorial pieces, but many were given in friendship. Personal and intimate, they are fragile reminders of strong and loving relationships. (c. 1850-70) This absolutely charming Victorian table worked brooch seems too playful and endearing to fit the severe standards for mourning. A bow – literally a “hair bow” – has been fashioned with light brown hair loops at the center and surrounded with painstaking tiny bubbles of a darker brown color hair. The golden ribbon that ties the two sections together is nicely engraved with a Forget-Me-Not blossom at the center. (Language of flowers – love and remembrance.) Lastly, there are two larger bubbles of dark brown hair capped in gold suspended from tiny golden chains. There is a bar on the back holding the pin stem and a C clasp closure. This is a rare and unusual expression of Victorian jewelry of Sentiment. Purchase this antique pledge for yourself or pass it on to a friend as a token of “Forget-Me-Not”.

Condition: Excellent. No fraying. The shapes retain their original forms.
Easy to handle by the gold ribbon and gold bar on the back.
Size: 2 1/2" wide, 1 3/4” high, 1/4" deep.

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