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PASSION FLOWER FAREWELL ( Victorian Mourning Jewelry Locket ): This is a lovely example of a Victorian “In Memory Of” locket. (c. 1860-80) Lockets such as these typically feature death motifs – urns, garlands crosses, etc. – on the outside. The scene on the front of this enamel and vermeil (gold wash over silver) pendant depicts a large white cross with the letters “IMO” (In Memory Of) painted at the center. The cross is set among a cluster of passion flowers. In the Victorian “language of Flowers” these blossoms hold great significance – the passion flower represents the passion of Christ as seen it the lacy “crown of thorns” center of the flower, the five stamens being the five wounds and the ten petals representing the ten Apostles. The drooping flower buds near the arms of the cross are symbols of sadness bowing in grief. A lot of symbolic meaning in a small space! There is a leaf engraved design that circles the edge of the enamel and a bale that is not be original to the piece. (The color of the edge of the locket is much more golden than it appears in the photos.) The inside compartment retains its original rim and celluloid cover with a piece of rose colored fabric within. The back is a smooth, milky oval of translucent chalcedony. The locket closes firmly. This Antique Mourning Locket remains a touching tribute to the past and the Passion of Christ. Other IMO lockets from my collection appear on pages 95 and 96 of Maureen DeLorme’s informative book “Mourning Art and Jewelry”.

Condition: Excellent. A few scratches to the enamel (they are antique, too). Scratches are not visible to the naked eye.
Size: 1 1/2" high without the bale, 1 7/8” with bale, 1 1/8” wide, 1/4" deep.

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