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DAINTY BASKETWEAVE KEEPSAKE ( Victorian Mourning Jewelry Hair Ring ): “Few things in this weary world are so delightful as keepsakes. How slight a memorial saves a beloved one from oblivion.” (A Victorian poem A Lock of Hair, author unknown.) This beautiful dainty Victorian Mourning Ring was originally a memorial pin/brooch. The back of the pin is dated “1846”. (The “846” are easily seen in photo. The rest of the inscription can not be read.) At some point in its history this delicate antique lace pin was made into a ring. A jeweler worked the design on the shoulders of the ring band - marked “750” (18KT) - to match the original gold setting motif of leaf, scroll and ball surrounding the hair compartment. I am certain that this was an early alteration since the mark “750” hasn’t been used since the 1800’s. Very light brown, perhaps ash blonde hair has been woven and placed under glass. Currently a ring size 7 ¼, this ring could be made larger, but the proportions are perfect as it is. This is a pretty and petite ring to wear, reminding us of a time when “I have a piece of thee” provided loving comfort.

Condition: Excellent. The basketweave hairwork is in perfect order. Difficult to photograph because the glass makes the hair appear distorted.
Size: Setting 1 1/8” high, 5/8” wide, 1/4” deep. Ring band is 1/4” wide and is a ring size 7 ¼.

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