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BONNIE PRINCE CHARLES II ( Mourning Jewelry Vulcanite & Jet Brooch ): What a striking brooch this is! It is made of Vulcanite with a Jet setting. Vulcanite is an early form of moldable plastic patented in 1864 by Charles Goodyear. (Yes, tires!) Vulcanite is light weight and a deep black that could be highly polished as well as molded. It was used as a substitute for Jet, but also used with Jet as in this lovely piece. (You can feel the Jet setting is cooler against your cheek than the Vulcanite centerpiece.) The back retains its original pin closure and C clasp. The motif of this unusual themed brooch is what drew me to it. The centerpiece is a complex mixture of Oak Leaves, Acorns & Acorn Caps. (c. 1870-80) Oak leaves and acorns are traditional symbols of power, strength, honor and endurance. They are often seen on military tombs to represent victory. A much more interesting fact is that oak leaves symbolize King Charles II. In exile from England, Bonnie Prince Charles climbed into an oak tree and lay hidden among the branches. Some of Cromwell’s soldiers rode directly under the tree. They were so close that he could hear them talking. For a whole day he lay in the oak tree while his pursuers searched fruitlessly for him. Originally a sign of deep mourning, black also became, and remains, “high fashion” jewelry. Don’t pass this Antique story brooch up – it is both historic and dramatic. Condition: Excellent. On minute leaf tip possibly missing. Size: 2” high, 1 ľ” wide, ˝” deep.

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