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HAND OF REDEMPTION AND IMMORTALITY ( Victorian Jewelry Vulcanite Hand Brooch / Pin): Hands holding flowers and wreaths were common motifs in jewelry, lithography and cemetery iconography. This Antique Mourning Brooch, made of Vulcanite, shows a hand holding a branch of yew leaves and a wreath of roses. (c. 1860-70) The Yew tree symbolizes sadness and immortality, the wreath of roses tell us of love and death and symbolizes victory of the deceased and redemption. A lot of messages in one hand!! The ruffled cuff and tiny fingernails are nice details. I wear several of these hand brooches at a time – often in combinations of black and ivory. A sweet and timeless expression of love and loss. A brooch like this one appears on Page 114 of Maureen DeLorme’s fabulous book “Mourning Art & Jewelry”. Condition: Excellent:The pin back has been replaced with a safety clasp bar that is both riveted and glued. Size: 3” wide, 1 ½” high, ¼” deep.

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