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HAIR PLAITS OF REMEMBRANCE (Victorian Mourning Jewelry Hair Brooch / Pin): Tokens of hair were intimate and personal. “If I should from this world depart / You could still remember me.” Enclosed under beveled glass is a plait of light brown and golden hair in beautiful condition. (c. 1860-80) The ornate gold plated mounting is embellished with black enamel creating the effect of a picture frame for the plaited hair. On the reverse there are three sets of initials – difficult to read the script, but they appear to be “J.J.”, “E.A. J.” & “J.J.”. The hinge and pin stem look like early replacements, but the C clasp closure is original. A lovely example of the passion for Victorian mourning jewelry. This Antique Hair Brooch is large enough to wear alone and the beautiful harmony of the elements declares that you are a knowledgeable collector. Condition: Excellent. There are some fine scratches, but they are antique, too. The plating shows wear on the back, but the front is just lovely. Size: 2” wide, 1 ½” high, ¼” deep.

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