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HEART AFLAME WITH PASSION ( Victorian Mourning Jewelry Vulcanite Locket ): This Victorian Mourning Locket (c. 1870 - 1890) is molded of vulcanite, an early form of plastic patented in 1864 by Charles Goodyear (Yes, tires!) Vulcanite is light weight and a deep black that could be highly polished as a substitute for jet. The motif on this superb and complex locket is Faith (the Cross), Hope (the Anchor complete with chain) and Charity (the Heart). From my personal collection, this locket has as its centerpiece a bold flaming heart – symbolizing extreme religious fervor. The flaming heart makes this locket special! The molded motif is pegged or riveted to the front of the highly polished, hinged locket. Plain on its backside, when opened the entire surface of both inside compartments are elaborately decorated with stamped floral designs. The twin sets of rims and celluloid covers are intact and were meant to hold a portrait or a hairwork souvenir. The ring at the top is painted metal and the hinge is also made of metal. It closes firmly with a soft “click”. I recommend wearing the locket high because you can see the motif best and when you lean forward it will not swing and hit against anything. (Check page 37 of the Bell book "Answers to Questions About Old Jewelry" for a remarkably similar locket interior.) Originally suitable for mourning, black also became, and remains, “high fashion” jewelry. Don’t pass this locket up – it is stunning and dramatic. Condition: Excellent. One minute nibble on the anchor – not visible in life size. Slight loss of paint from ring. Size: 2”high, including ring, 1 ˝” wide, 1” deep, including the top motif.

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