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ONYX TALISMAN ( Victorian Mourning Jewelry Onyx & Hair Pendant ): Preserving hair of loved ones has been a sentimental custom for centuries. This tradition blossomed during the 18th Century as hair saved in a brooch or pendant could be worn, like a talisman, close to the heart. This outstanding Antique Onyx Hand Carved Shell Pendant is a lovely example of mourning jewelry at its simple, sleek best. (1850-70) A scalloped shell symbolizes resurrection, hopefully for the two lovers becoming one in death as they complete life’s journey. The shell is carved to curve outward and end in scalloped edges. There is a black enameled bale with a hook to slide on a chain or hook it into a chain. On the back is a jeweler tested 14KT gold glass covered compartment containing elegantly woven hair in two colors – blonde and deep brown. It appears to be woven in a lover’s knot design. The use of onyx for this memorial keepsake symbolizes reciprocal love. This is an extraordinary example of mourning jewelry. A seldom seen design that fits perfectly with today’s perpetual high fashion color - Black. Condition: Excellent. Size: From top of bale 2 1/2” long, 1 1/2” wide, 3/8” deep. Hair compartment 1” high, 3/4” wide.

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