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Mourning Jewelry: MJ075

I HAVE A PIECE OF THEE ( Victorian Mourning Jewelry Ring ): From my personal collection – a 9/10KT rose gold ring unusual in its simplicity. It displays hair feathers and curls called “Prince of Wales” plumes and dates c. 1850-60. The hair is accented with gold wire twists and 3 tiny half pearls. With no distinct clues to mourning, it could also be a sentimental piece exchanged between friends or family members. If it is a mourning ring, it reminds me of a letter written in the mid-Victorian era that shares the feelings of Victorian women who received such tokens. “Dear Laura has given us each a ring of our Dorothea’s hair. I am so fond of it. We chose a ring – and I am glad for 3 reasons. First because always wearing it helps me to think of her; 2nd because a ring seems to be a bond of love; 3rd being round a circle reminds one how one’s love and communion with her may and will last forever.” These undamaged plumes of pale blond and red hair rest under a glass cover. The simple bezel setting acts as a frame for the dainty plume work. The ring shank narrows at the back and the inside of the ring is curved so that it could not be more comfortable. It is a ring size 8. A very pleasing and wearable ring, reminding us of a time when “I have a piece of thee” provided loving comfort. Condition: Excellent. Some light scratches on the glass – they are antique, too. There was once an inscription, but it is too worn to read. Size: Hair portion of ring face is 1 1/2” high, 7/8” wide. Ring shank narrows to 1/8” at back. Ring size 8.


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