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SAVED FROM OBLIVION ( Victorian Mourning Jewelry Brooch / Pin ): “How slight, how small, how tiny a memorial saves a beloved one from oblivion!” (Line from poem - “A Lock of Hair”) This sumptuous Victorian Mourning Brooch exhibits an ornate 10KT hollowware setting which acts as a picture frame for the braided hair memento. The heavily engraved information on the back of the brooch raises its value and adds meaningful sentiment to this piece of Victorian history. Obviously, a brooch of great spiritual worth to its wearer, the delicate script reads: “James Linney. Obt. 18, February 1812. AET 66”. It continues: “Ann Linney. Obt. 12 September, 1842. AET 85”. My guess is that this brooch may have belonged to a daughter of the deceased couple. It would have been made after 1842, containing the hair of the woman, or possibly a blend of the two. The celluloid cover (invented in 1868) may be a replacement for earlier glass or the brooch itself could have been made after 1868 – not at all uncommon for the Victorian period. Lives certainly “gone but not forgotten”. Truly a beautiful and impressive keepsake. The original C clasp and elongated pin stem are still in place. Condition: Excellent. One slightly darkened area on the gold frame - of no consequence. Size: 2” wide, 1 5/8” high, 1/4” deep.

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