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SENTIMENTAL SYMBOLIC SERPENT ( Victorian Mourning Jewelry Snake Brooch ): The snake (or serpent) was a popular Victorian romantic image. This stunning and sensuous large table worked hair snake brooch (c. 1850-70) is made over a hard core to form all of the coils and loops involved in the body. Notice how the texture of the light brown woven hair resembles snake scales. The Sterling Silver head and tail are ornately engraved and embossed with life-like detailing and its eyes are set with tiny garnets. Fortunately, the snake still retains the little decorated silver heart drop in its mouth. This snake brooch, synonymous with Victorian passion, was probably a sentimental lover’s gift, rather than a mourning piece. Prince Albert designed Queen Victoria’s betrothal ring in the form of a snake with its tail in its mouth – symbolic of everlasting love. The snake also symbolized eternity, guardian spirit and wisdom. The pin-back retains its original C clasp and closes securely. The multiple textures and fine details of this large snake brooch exhibit a quality that is quite remarkable. This is a highly desirable collector’s trophy. Condition: Excellent. No hair damage at all. Size: 2” long, 1 1/4” high, almost 3/4” deep.

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