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Mourning Jewelry: MJ069

TOGETHER FOREVER ( Georgian Mourning Jewelry Painted Ivory Pendant / Picture ): This richly symbolic French Georgian Sentimental piece is filled with allusions of marital love. (c. 1822) Definitely a wedding piece which was “given in friendship” (Donnée par lámitié) to the couple at their wedding.  The scene is painted on ivory with sepia ink and embellished with hair. A light polychrome wash bathes the background with sky blue and pink. At the center a winged cherub holds a wreath over the two united hearts crowning their love. His other hand holds an arrow poised to pierce the lover’s hearts. The figure of the cherub is outlined in gold. The plinth itself is 3 dimensional with the cipher initials “LM” entwined on an ivory plaque announcing their love for all to see. Notice the two lovebirds on the right with a string connecting them together. The dimensional tree of life, trunk and leaves made of hair, bends gracefully over the scene as if to enfold the lovers. The ground is composed of hair and sepia - leaning against the tree there is a tablet that reads “Donnée par lámitié”. This charming miniature work of art is framed in gilt metal. The back is covered by a pink advertising paper and is hand dated 1822. I would wear this painting as a pendant by simply adding a bale to the existing ring. It can, of course, be hung as a portrait miniature. A touchingly romantic image of enduring appeal, this piece speaks to both your heart and eye. Condition: Excellent. Expected wear to gilt frame. There is a blurred word over the two hearts. No loose pieces. Size: 3” in diameter, 1/4” deep.

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