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TWO HEARTS OF ONE MIND ( Georgian Mourning Jewelry Painted Ivory Pendant ): A true Georgian treasure! (c. 1790-1810) This exceptional 10 KT Rose Gold Georgian Pendant is actually an example of sentimental jewelry, not associated with Mourning at all. An elaborate design, painted with sepia on ivory, this navette shaped miniature work of art commemorates “True Love”. A dove holds a ribbon in its beak from which two hearts are suspended. Both hearts have been pierced by the arrow of love. Below the hearts are the initials “EB” worked in a decorative script. Beneath the initials is a banner that reads “One Mind”. Two Hearts – One Mind, an enduring expression of timeless love. The dainty 10 KT Rose Gold setting features lovely scalloped engraving. The back is plain with a reinforced bale and ring. The artwork is outstanding and the entire antique pendant is superbly crafted and sweetly feminine. This diminutive image, so rich in symbolism, is unlike any design I have owned before. Add this treasure to your collection. Condition: Excellent. A tiny chip to the glass at 1 o’clock. Perfectly acceptable in view of its age. It is hidden in the bird’s wing. Size: 1 1/4” high, 3/4” wide.

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