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Mourning Jewelry: MJ067

GRAND AND GLORIOUS PLUMES ( Victorian Mourning Jewelry Brooch ): Grand in size, glorious in execution, this Victorian revolving (or swivel) brooch is simply stunning. (c. 1865-1880) Extremely desirable to collectors, this example of palette-work “Prince of Wales” feathers on milk glass is perfection. The 2 large plums are ash blonde and soft brown in color. The elaborate 10 KT setting features delicate engraving. The quality of this setting indicates that it was a piece made for a wealthy client. Both the original C clasp and elongated pin stem are still in place, as well as a tiny ring at the top where a safety chain could be added. When you revolve the central hair plaque you can see the black fiber background under a celluloid cover. At one time it probably held a photo of a loved one. Magnificent in size, the beauty and harmony of this mourning brooch declares that you are a serious, knowledgeable collector of fine Victorian jewelry. Condition: Excellent. It carries 150 years of loving history with it. There is a single loose hair, but it does not diminish the value or beauty of this piece. Size: 3” high, 2 1/2” wide, 1/2” deep.

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