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THE HOPE OF SALVATION ( Georgian Mourning Jewelry Locket / Pendant ): A haunting and prevalent image from the late 18th & early 19th Centuries is that of a woman with an anchor. Dressed in idealized attire of the Grecian style, far from pathetic, she is a female Atlas, bearing a world of grief on her slim shoulders. In this polychrome, painted on ivory, Georgian Locket the woman is leaning on a blue anchor and points up to heaven. (c. 1790) In the background a ship at sea bravely sports a red flag and red and blue banners wave from the masts. Though nautical in theme, the loss of this loved one may have been from a number of causes. The anchor theme always represents “Hope and Salvation”. The border surrounding the Ivory Miniature is painted in a technique known as verre églomisé – reverse painting on glass. In other words you take the piece of beveled glass, turn it over and paint on the back. Once you turn it to the front you have an image in reverse. The decorative border is painted in gold and black enamel with a pale pink surround. The locket opens from the bottom and contains a piece of purple silk. You could put a photo or a lock of hair between the fabric and the back cover. The metal appears to be rose gold plated. The large bale is mounted on a hinge. This Antique Mourning Locket is a tangible touchstone from the past – an age where grief and remembrance were an integral part of life.

Condition: Excellent. Over 200 years have produced some surface scratches and a dot of flaked enamel. There is a scratch on the ground at the bottom of the woman’s foot. A good sized locket that snaps closed tightly.
Size: 1 1/2” diameter, hangs 2” including the bale.

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