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HEAVEN REJOICES ( Georgian Jewelry Mourning Pendant & Portrait Miniature ): This is a splendid example of Georgian Mourning Jewelry at its finest. An expressive painted sepia and dissolved hair on ivory memorial pendant dating from 1785. The front painting depicts a tomb comprised of an urn, a pointed obelisk and the plinth that they rest upon. The plinth is inscribed “Affection Weeps, Heaven Rejoices”. At the right a prayerful woman in classical dress gazes sadly at the memorial. To the left a delicate tree with hanging branches enfolds the scene tenderly. The scene is full of the pathos and romanticism seen in 18th Century Antique Mourning Jewelry. The painting is extremely fine and detailed. The urn and base are enhanced by bead and wire twists in both yellow gold and rose gold. Three rows of tiny seed pearls boarder the top and bottom of the plinth. Both the plinth and obelisk of this outstanding piece are significantly elevated, giving it 3 dimensions. The entire rose gold marquise shaped pendant is edged in a design of royal blue and white enamel; white in this case symbolizing the loss of an elderly man and the blue indicating that this was a mourning piece belonging to a member of the aristocracy (English, I believe.) The reverse side holds an additional treasure, a polychrome colored miniature of a pensive beloved gentleman. What expressive eyes! The miniature is signed “Read” and dated “1785”. The rose gold frame bears a lightly etched museum acquisition number that reads “6401DD”. This memorial was evidently culled from a museum collection. Both sides of the pendant have convex rock crystal covers. This beautiful piece of mourning jewelry is so symbolic of a time when death and those departed were kept near to the heart. I have had this memorial pendant in my personal collection for over 20 years, its value enhance by having both the memorial scene and the dated portrait miniature. Condition: Excellent. A few very tiny invisible scratches to the rock crystal. Two tiny pearls have come loose at some point in its long history. I have added the bale to the pendant ring. Size: 2” high, 1 1/4” wide, 1/4” deep. Larger and more substantial than the average Georgian memorial.

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