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SHINING BLACK JET ( Victorian Jewelry Jet Pendant / Locket Necklace ): Regal and elegant, this Victorian Whitby Jet Pendant is suspended from a long Vulcanite chain link necklace. (c. 1870-80) The glossy jet multilayered pendant features a beautifully carved Maltese Cross as its central motif. A hinged locket is revealed on the reverse side of the pendant. The locket hinge is tight and snaps closed perfectly. You could, of course, put in a personal photo or lock of hair. (Just cover the original photo with yours, but please keep this lady where she has resided safely for so many years!) Notice the way the Whitby Jet Pendant is fastened to the Vulcanite chain. The long chain fastens with the original hook and eye. The seductive allure of jet is as wearable today as it was over a century ago. Condition: Excellent. Some surface scratches on the raised Maltese Cross, noticeable only under magnification. Size: Whitby Jet Pendant 2 2/3 long, 2 wide, 1/2 thick. Vulcanite chain is 35 long. You could have it made shorter, but this length was highly fashionable.  

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