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Mourning Jewelry: MJ056

BASIC BLACK EARRINGS ( Victorian Mourning Jewelry Vulcanite/Gutta Percha Earrings ): Dark as ebony, these beautifully designed matte finish Antique Vulcanite Earrings have the sleek look of today, but they are actually Mid-Victorian. (c. 1860-75) Black jewelry had become so popular during Queen Victoria’s reign that it was worn by all stylish women, even when they were not in mourning. Black has never lost its sophistication or allure - fashion icons have always endorsed “basic black” as the classic standard of good taste. These wonderful satin finished Vulcanite earrings are small wonders of construction. The dangling drops are held in place with enamel pins. The outer tear drops have decorative “say tooth” edging. Very light weight and chic, these earrings retain their original shepherd’s hook pierced ear wires. I was fortunate to purchase both pieces of this beautiful set. See MJ057 (below) for the matching brooch. It would be wonderful to keep this set intact after all these years. Condition: Excellent. Deep black in color. Size: 2 1/2” long, not including earwires, 1” wide.

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