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FORGET-ME-NOT ( Victorian Mourning Jewelry Whitby Jet Brooch ): This is an exceptionally lovely and delicate Victorian Whitby Jet Mourning Brooch. (1840-1880) The pale ash blonde hair (not yellow) is woven in a very fine basket weave pattern set inside a beveled glass cover. The oval jet frame has an ornately carved border of forget-me-not flowers and leaves. The frame encircling the hair is low carat gold and the full mount silver backing is unmarked sterling. The extended pin stem closes securely with a C clasp. This brooch, from my personal collection, was purchased from a New York Gold Coast estate. Whitby jet mourning pieces command the highest prices in the market for jet today. They are the finest quality and the most desired by collectors. Author, Maureen DeLorme, has pictured this brooch on page 112 of her beautiful and insightful book “Mourning Art & Jewelry”. You must have this book if you collect mourning jewelry! Condition: Excellent. A few flea bites to the edge, not discernable to the naked eye. Size: 1 7/8” wide, 3/4” high, 1/4” deep.

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