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A CIRCLE OF ETERNAL LOVE ( Victorian Mourning Jewelry Hair Snake Bracelet ): In Victorian times, after Prince Albert gave Queen Victoria a ring with a snake swallowing its tail (symbolic of eternity), snake jewelry became fashionable for sentimental and memorial purposes. This beautiful Victorian woven hair snake bracelet is a fine example of near mint condition table-worked hair over a flexible core. (c. 1850-70) The snakes gold-filled head and tail form the fittings for both ends. There is lovely chased engraving on the head and tail, as well as tiny faceted garnet eyes and a larger faceted tear drop shaped garnet set in the head. The gold tail of the snake fastens into the mouth with a delicate spring clasp. These snake motif items, synonymous with Victorian passion, are highly desired by collectors. You won’t see a bracelet of this quality often. Condition: Excellent. Safety chain is missing. Size: Laid flat the snake measures 8” minus the catch. Inner opening of the graduated hair body is 2 1/4”. Will fit a small or medium wrist. It is made over a flexible core to form the circular body, but it does not stretch. Hair body is 3/8” at its widest point. Snake head is 1” long.

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