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LOST IN TIME ( Georgian Mourning Jewelry Ring ): This is a splendid example of Georgian Mourning Jewelry at its finest. Dating from 1787, this memorial ring depicts an elaborately garlanded urn painted in sepia and dissolved hair on ivory. There is a delicate weeping willow above the urn, its branches falling around the monument. The image is extremely crisp, clear and vivid, still retaining its timeless message. The painted miniature is covered with rock crystal and set in a simple 14/15 carat gold bezel. The tapered sides of the shank are delicately engraved. The inscription on the reverse reads: “Ann Piper, Ob 7 Jan: 9(?), 1787, at 33”. A touching token of sentiment that was probably worn by her mother or sister in her remembrance. A beautiful ring and evocative relic of lives long past. Ring is a size 4 3/4. A wonderful pinky ring. Condition: Excellent. Some fine surface scratches seen only under magnification. Size: 1 1/4” high, 3/4” wide.

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