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WILLOW WEEP FOR ME ( Victorian Mourning Jewelry Pendant ): Black and White enamel work decorate the front of this lovely Victorian Mourning Pendant. (c. 1840-1850) Since the memorial base and the urn on top are both executed in white, "In Memory Of" probably indicates the death of a child or an unmarried woman. The willow tree is extremely graceful as it weeps over the memorial site. A low carat gold elaborate decorative mount reverses to show a palette worked design of hair flowers, gold wire twists and half pearls. The two color hair work design appears to be done on paper, covered by beveled glass covers the floral hairwork design. This style of pendant is sometimes referred to as a pendant "watch" because of its obvious resemblance to a watch with the ball top and ring loop. Not your average piece of mourning jewelry, this pendant is both sentimental and sleek. Condition: Excellent. No chips to the enamel. Light wear scratches, but not visible to the naked eye. The paper is a pale beige tint. Size: 1 1/2" high with ball. Circle is 1 1/4" in diameter, 3/8" thick.

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