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Mourning Jewelry: MJ042

SILKEN STRANDS OF SENTIMENT ( Victorian Mourning Jewelry Hair Earrings ): These delicate and lacy Victorian table-worked earrings are in pristine condition. (c. 1860 - 1870) Each earring is made up of 3 tapered and elongated woven brown hair pieces attached to an elaborately engraved 18KT gold plaque. The hair drops are suspended in 2 layers which makes them appear extremely dimensional. The gold findings and pierced ear wires are all original. These earrings may well have been a sentimental token of love and affection, rather than mourning pieces. The rage for sentimental jewelry had risen dramatically after 1850 and was considered by many to be superior to the wearing of metallic jewelry. These are outstanding Victorian hairwork earrings in a very unusual and visually pleasing style. (A pair of earrings something like these appears on page 143 in Jeanenne Bellís book "Hairwork Jewelry".) Condition: Excellent. Hair drops are large and fully rounded. Size: 2" long from the top of the wire, 3/4" wide.

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