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CIRCLES THAT NEVER END ( Georgian / Victorian Mourning Jewelry Hair Pendant ): I was so pleased to find this delicate and refined Late Georgian / Early Victorian (c. 1830-1840) glass enclosed woven hair pendant. The circular shape symbolizes eternity. Set in gilt metal (a plating process) the central circle of hair is surrounded by 12 "paste" stones with collet mounts. Paste is a collective word used for cut leaded glass that is faceted to resemble gems. Paste was an 18th Century must and everyone, including Marie Antoinette, owned paste. It give the appearance of diamonds, but was much less expensive. It is now highly collectable in its own right. The beautifully worked braided hair forms a star pattern at its center. Probably given as a sentimental token, this dainty pendant is a gift that will last forever. Condition: Excellent. The front is perfect, the hair on the reverse is clouded. There appears to be a tiny reinforcement repair on the back. Size: 1" diameter, hair circle is 5/8".

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