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Victorian Jewelry/Mourning Jewelry: MJ040

CHERISHED RELATIONSHIPS ( Georgian Jewelry Painted Sentimental Brooch / Pendant and Watch Pin ): This colorful Georgian Brooch (c. 1820 - 1830) is a charming example of Jewelry of Sentiment. The Georgian era covers the period 1714 - 1837 and, although many people view the Victorian "era" as 1800 - 1900, in fact, Queen Victoria did not ascend to the throne until 1837. This scene of pastoral tranquility is hand painted in sepia and watercolor on ivory. The engaging scene depicts two women, perhaps sisters (or best friends), with their children. The girl carries a basket of flowers and the blue clad woman holds a floral wreath in her hand. Both are dressed in light pastel-hued, high waisted gauzy gowns. Notice the tiny red shoes peeking out from under their skirts and the vibrant green grass. A tiny house in the background is perched on gently rolling hills. Set in a large gold plated oval bezel with a crystal covering. The back retains its original C clasp, but the pin stem is an old replacement. There is a ring at the top so that it may be worn as a pendant and I have attached the brooch to a gold-filled watch pin set with a pink/blue glass and foil "opal". The Victorian Watch Pin gives the piece a polish and size larger than most Georgian brooches. This is an exceptional and unusual piece that you will not see again. Make it your own! Condition: Painting is excellent. A few tiny scratches on glass. Some wear to gold plating on the back of brooch. Size: Total length, including watch pin 2 1/2" high, 1 1/8" wide. Brooch alone is 1 3/4" long. Sold together only.

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