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Mourning Jewelry: MJ035

A KEEPSAKE MOST DEAR ( Victorian Mourning Jewelry Cross Pendant ): Dainty in size and workmanship, this Maltese cross mourning pendant contains two color table worked hair inserts. Perhaps from a parent and child or husband and wife united in the 4 tapered arms that form the Maltese Cross. (c. 1850 - 1880) The gold work on the front features black enamel to signify mourning and the petite pendant reverses to reveal gold engraving on the opposite side. So no matter which way the cross falls, it will always be attractive. Just add a bale and a delicate chain and you have a very special keepsake necklace. Condition: Excellent. Hair is firm, enamel work is intact. Size: 1" high, 7/8" wide.

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