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LOVES ENDLESS KNOT ( Victorian Mourning Jewelry Carved Jet Brooch ): When Queen Victoria lost her beloved Prince Albert and plunged all of her vast realm into mourning, jet jewelry was the only jewelry allowed at court. The sympathy of her loyal subjects set a fashion for jet jewelry that lasted for decades. Jet is a form of fossilized coal, the best of which was mined in the seaside town of Whitby. Throughout the middle of the 19th Century, when fashion demanded large jewelry pieces, this Whitby Jet Brooch would have been the very highest chic. It is intricately hand carved in a pattern called "The Endless Knot", which symbolized the unending nature of love and the depth of profound grief. The knot is highly polished and embellished with bands of surface carving, which include the broken branch of grief and a stylized classical Greek key motif. Original C clasp pin back. A large piece with style and substance. Perfect for fashionable wear today! Condition: Excellent. No chips or cracks. Marred only by scratches on the back from mindless people testing the composition of the brooch. Size: 2" wide, 1 5/8" high, 3/4" thick.

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