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ENCLOSED PROMISE OF IMMORTALITY ( Victorian Mourning Jewelry Earrings ): Golden Brown woven hair shimmers with life in these gold filled Victorian Earrings. (c. 1840 - 1870) Tokens of hair, intimate and personal, were tangible mementos that offered the promise of immortality in a very mortal world. "If I should from this world depart / You could still remember me." Enclosed under beveled glass, these beauties will always be protected from damage and handling - and can be worn as often as you like. Hair earrings are so fragile, they often became damaged or separated and converted into pendants. This pair is a wonderful find for collectors and Civil War re-inactors. The hair is set in a classic bezel setting with pierced ear wires. Condition: Excellent. The beveled glass edges cause a distorted appearance around the edges in the enlarged photos. Size: 1 3/8" long including ear wire. Hair compartment 1" long, 5/8" wide.

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