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Mourning Jewelry: MJ027

DANCING DROPS ( Victorian Mourning Jewelry Earrings ): These remarkably complex Victorian Vulcanite and Enamel Earrings once decorated the ear lobes of a fine lady in mourning. (c. 1860 - 1880) Hanging from a ring, a V-shaped piece holds a hand-carved leaf with serrated edges loosely wired to a navette-shaped plaque with sawtooth edges. Over the leaf are wired two oval enamel beads and the entire arrangement hangs from gold shepherd’s hook ear wires. The bead and wire connections of all the individually hand made pieces give the earrings the ability to move with the wearer’s head movements in an appealing and lively way. Like Scarlett O’Hara’s ear bobs "they give a girl such a spirited air." Condition: Excellent. Two small dings on the back of one bead that do not show from the front. Size: 2 1/2" long (not including ear wires), 3/4" wide, 5/8" deep including beads.

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