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SHIMMERING MEMORIES ( Victorian Mourning Jewelry Pendant ): Delicate palette-worked hair on iridescent shimmering mother-of-pearl is the centerpiece of this unusual Victorian pendant (1860 -1880). It is impossible to capture the beauty of the varying colors of the mother-of-pearl as one views it from different angles. The hair is delicately worked in a "sheaf of wheat" motif, signifying abundance and prosperity. The wheat sheaf is under glass and encased in black enamel with 15KT gold findings. The hairwork is extremely detailed and remains securely in place, with a row of tiny pearls gathering the stems of the wheat sheaf. Because of this theme, this is probably not a mourning piece. It is very difficult to find hairwork pendants, since pins were preferred for their flexibility. The grooved bale on this pendant is good sized and will hold a decorative chain or neck wire. Condition: Very good. There is some degrading of the edges of the mother-of-pearl wafer background. Size: Total pendant 1 3/4" high, 1 3/8" wide. The hair oval 1" high, 3/4" wide.

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