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IN FAITH, HOPE AND CHARITY ( Victorian Mourning Jewelry Cross ): The Cross, the Anchor and the Heart - eternal symbols of faith, hope and charity respectively - are the focal point of this Victorian deep black, Vulcanite Cross (c 1860-1880) . Notice the flame of eternal love burning above the heart and the way the anchor chain is wrapped around the arm of the cross. The wood-grained cross, symbol of the Christian faith, is trimmed with the ivy of loyalty and fidelity. Suitable for all stages of mourning, this cross is formed of molded vulcanite, a hard rubber material that could by molded with moderate heating. Patented in 1846 by Charles Goodyear, Vulcanite rapidly became a popular substitute for Jet and was used extensively for Mourning Jewelry. The flat back and light weight make this highly detailed cross a comfortable piece to wear. Condition: Excellent. Size: 3 1/8" high with top ring, 1 1/2" wide, 3/8" deep.

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