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ROSES IN GOLD AND ENAMEL ( Victorian Mourning Jewelry Locket ): "Remember Me" is the sentiment expressed in this rose gold and enamel Victorian Locket. (1870 - 1890) The locket has such dainty enamel work on the front, a bouquet of roses and forget-me-nots with a white ribbon asking to "Remember Me". A romantic message expressed in roses and forget-me-nots says "Iíll remember always, true love". (The language of flowers.) Lovely chasing work on both the front and back of this sweet remembrance. The 9 KT rose gold locket is gold cased.....which means it has a heavy gold outer shell and inside this shell is a non-gold lining which gives the locket strength. The original photo bezels are still intact, but the celluloid covers are gone. The photos date from the early 20th century. Condition: Very good. Two tiny flea bites on bottom peach rose. In actual size they are not visible. Your finger can feel a slight dip in the locket front - not a dent. Size: 1 1/4" high without ring, 1" wide.

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