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SYMBOLS OF SORROW ( Victorian Mourning Jewelry Brooch ): To the Victorians, pearls - because of their salt water origins - symbolized tears and were frequently used in mourning jewelry. Rarely, though, were they used so beautifully as they are in this dainty feminine brooch (c. 1870 - 1890). Natural pearls completely encircle the glazed compartment of light brown basket woven hair. Each of the twenty-one full round pearls is individually set in gold wire and edged with a protective gold rim so that they are visible from the back as well as the front. The 9KT gold brooch is entirely original from the pearls to the C clasp closure and has been gently worn. There is only a tiny interior chip in its glass and a small ding in the gold edge to show for its age. A pretty, light brooch that is sweetly decorative - no heavy black enamel used here. Condition: Excellent. Size: 1 1/8" diameter. Hair compartment is 3/4" diameter.

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