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TO MEMORY DEAR ( Georgian Mourning Jewelry Pendant ): What a wonderful Treasure. This English Georgian Mourning pendant is set in 18 KT Gold. The Georgian Period extended from 1760 to 1835, encompassing the reigns of both King George III & George IV. Painted in sepia on ivory, the scene depicts a grieving widow seated at her husbandís memorial. The urn has an eternal flame at the top and a plaque at the center with his initials, "F.W.". The exquisitely rendered weeping willow is superb. Covered in domed glass, clipped hair particles add dimension to the ground and portions of the tree. The back is inscribed "Francis Walker, Ob: 23 Apr. 1791, oet: 51". It has a subtly decorated setting as befits a memorial piece and a nice large bale that will fit several chain sizes. Condition: Excellent. Crisp, perfect image; no wear on the inscription. Size: Pendant is 1 1/4" high by 3/4" wide. 1 5/8" high with bale.

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