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DIAMOND OF DEVOTION ( Victorian Mourning Jewelry Brooch / Pendant ): There is drama in every exquisite detail of this enormous and spectacular hairwork ornament. The sleek diamond shaped 18KT rose gold setting has a wide bale at the top and a C clasp pin across the middle of the back so that it can be worn either as a brooch or a pendant. Under the obviously custom made dome of glass is an intricate arrangement of palette-worked flowers; mostly pansies and heliotrope, in several shades of light and dark brown hair. The graceful wreath of more than two dozen blossoms surround the name "Maria", also rendered in delicate hairwork lettering on an ivory base. To the Victorians pansies represented thoughts and heliotrope represent faithfulness and devotion, sentiments appropriate for a love token or a memorial piece. One look will tell you that superlatives are really inadequate to describe this piece. Condition: Excellent. Securely anchored hair flowers make this an extremely desirable piece. A few rough spots on the lower glass edge. Size 3 5/8" high, 2" wide. Bale 3/8" high.

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